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    Clinical Adoption of New Technology

    The introduction of new technology into the healthcare environment is occurring at an ever increasing pace. New technology is showing up at hospitals, large and small, at outpatient centers, at retail clinics and even in our homes. It is not enough that this hardware and software perform as...

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    Data Storage and Databases Plain and Simple

    The technology of storing data has increased dramatically in the past few years. Not only is it increasing in size and format, but also in speed. Lots of data is coming from all directions, very fast. This module will discuss the various forms of data storage; both the traditional ones and the...

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    Disruptive Innovations in Healthcare Plain and Simple

    Many large, well run companies have recently gone out of business almost overnight. These businesses have been disrupted by smaller, more agile, more innovative companies. This module will look at the reasons why this has happened over and over in the non-healthcare world. It will also discuss...

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    Healthcare Data, Big and Little - Plain and Simple

     Data is the foundation from which we create information. It is from this information that we derive insights and ultimately make intelligent decisions which impact the world around us. In the past, this data has been stored in static libraries and large databanks. It took significant time to...

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    Medical Imaging Systems Plain and Simple

    One of the producers of data that can bring an information system network to its knees quickly is medical imaging systems.  CT, MR and even Digital Radiography image are now higher resolution than ever and generating huge volumes of data.  Cardiac Systems and even the newer CT systems are...

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    PACS Plain and Simple

    Skill Level: Introductory

    This is a fundamental course in PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems).  Although this is a fundamentals course in PACS, the student will benefit greatly in having already studied:

    DICOM, Plain and Simple


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    Planning for PACS Plain and Simple

    A firm understanding of the basic PACS (Picture, Archiving and Communications System) components and how they communicate with one another through DICOM is essential to the successful planning, acquisition and installation of a PACS.

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    The Case for Change in Healthcare Plain and Simple

    The practice of healthcare is changing at a faster rate now than ever before. The technology is improving rapidly, the costs are going up and it looks like these trends aren't changing much in the near future. It may very well be that the USA will soon not be able to pay for all the healthcare...

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    The Electronic Healthcare Record Plain and Simple

    At the very core of many of our healthcare information system problems is the inability to view all of a patient's data in one place, independent of where and by whom it is generated. The US government's answer to this is the mandate for all healthcare systems to adopt an electronic healthcare...

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    Understanding DICOM Plain and Simple

    Skill Level: Introductory
    This course is one of several in the "Plain and Simple" Series. DO NOT take this if you have already taken "DICOM Plain and Simple". Understanding DICOM Plain and Simple is a revised 2008 edition, written for those who have little or no...

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    Wireless Technology Primer Plain and Simple

    Wireless is all around us. Devices that were once tethered to a desktop computer or laptop are now connected with it via electromagnetic waves. This has spawned a whole new industry with devices that were once thought not feasible. This module will explore the foundation of wireless technology...

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