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    Leadership Essentials - Module 10: Health Economics

    This module explores the elements that comprise a health care system, discusses the economics of health care and explains how rising health care costs affect economic decisions. Learn about the effect of insurance on the supply and demand of medical care and the role that government plays in the...

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    Leadership Essentials - Module 1: Introduction to Supervision

    This module will help you adjust to a new role as supervisor and apply supervisory skills to any new leadership position. Learn to plan, organize and lead as you manage effective meetings, apply decision-making tools and identify opportunities when resolving problems. The module also covers...

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    Leadership Essentials - Module 2: Competent Communication

    This module identifies and explains the components of a communication model as well as formal, informal and nonverbal communication. Learn how to improve communication, apply guidelines for managing teams and use mediation to address conflict. This module will show you how to develop key...

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    Leadership Essentials - Module 4: Performance Coaching

    This module explores motivation theories, the benefits of performance coaching and mentoring and explains the steps in a progressive discipline process. You also will learn how to conduct a formal performance review.

    This activity may be available in multiple formats or from different...

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    Leadership Essentials - Module 5: Quality Standards

    This module will expand your knowledge of quality management practices.  It describes the history of quality management, each element of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and four quality compliance systems. You will discover more about the accreditation process, the agencies that offer...

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    Leadership Essentials - Module 6: Accreditation and Regulations

    This module examines Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services guidelines, conditions of performance and the accreditation process. Find out how government regulations apply to radiology and be able to identify opportunities to apply risk management in any radiology setting.


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    Leadership Essentials - Module 7: Budgeting and Finance

    This module covers relevant terms in accounting, budgeting and finance as well as the components of a budget. It describes essential material regarding cost-benefit analysis, calculation of return on investment (ROI), scheduling using measure FTE and applying productivity metrics.


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    Leadership Essentials - Module 8: Project Management

    This module describes how project management can facilitate the successful completion of necessary work. You will learn the different methods of project management and recognize the various roles individuals play as well as the responsibilities associated with each role. The module also covers...

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    Leadership Essentials - Module 9: Leadership Skills

    This module focuses on the key differences between management and leadership and explores various management theories and ethics. You will learn about the five basic principles of change management and how to apply these principles in your work.

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    Leadership-Essentials - Module 3: Employment Law

    This module describes the concept of at-will employment, reviews laws that define collective bargaining and discusses the Fair Labor Standards Act. You will learn how to differentiate between exempt and nonexempt employees, understand federal legislation that affects rights in the workplace,...

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    Workplace Accountability: A Better Way to Work Together

    Accountability is a commitment that everyone in the workplace must make in order to achieve goals, meet objectives and succeed, not only personally but also professionally. This module focuses on helping the learner understand the importance of accountability in the workplace by discussing...

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