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  1. Case Study

    Mucinous Carcinoma

    This case study presents information regarding a mucinous carcinoma. By reviewing the presented medical history, lab results, and test results of several diagnostic-imaging modalities, the learner will examine the characteristics of this pathology.


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  2. Case Study

    Non-Hodgkin's Primary Liver Lymphoma

    This case study provides information on non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of the liver. By reviewing the medical history and test results of several diagnostic modalities, the characteristics of this pathology are examined.


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  3. Case Study

    Nonseminomatous Testicular Carcinoma Case Study

    The following learning exercise provides information regarding nonseminomatous testicular carcinoma. Several important topics such as the typical sonographic appearance, risk factors, stage criteria and treatment options are discussed. X-ray, ultrasound, CT and lab values are used in the...

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  4. Case Study

    Primary Inflammatory Breast Cancer

    This case study provides information about a patient with primary inflammatory breast cancer. The patient's medical history, results of diagnostic procedures and the course of treatment are presented. This case study illustrates some of the mammographic and sonographic features of primary...

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