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  1. Course

    IntelliSpace Portal CT Applications

    Use these applications to perform analysis of anatomy and findings. Note that there are several modules you may select to review. The modules include instructions for the following applications: Acute Multifunctional Review (Review, Vessels, Bone, Spine), Brain Perfusion, TAVI Planning, Bone...

    • eLearning

  2. Course

    IntelliSpace Portal CT Technologist Remote Training

    A Philips Clinical Education Specialist will provide a remote training session of 90-120 minutes, not to exceed 120 minutes, on the IntelliSpace Portal. This training session will be comprised of three stages: computer-based introduction, hands on manipulation of the package software on patient...

    • Instructor-led Webinar

  3. Course

    IntelliSpace Portal Full CT Training

    This training is to convey the principles of the IntelliSpace Portal (ISP) and its packages. A Core Portal Trainer will be developed to assure efficient and competent operational use of the IntelliSpace Portal with maximum image quality. Packages to be reviewed include CT, NM, Multimodality,...

    • Instructor-led