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  1. Course

    EncoreAnywhere 1: New User ⁄ Standard Navigation

    Part 1 is designed for a New User and covers the following:

    • Setting up Encore Anywhere for first time use
    • Adding a new patient
    • Adding a prescription
    • Performing a card download
    • Launching a therapy report
    • Adding a reminder

    • eLearning

  2. Course

    EncoreAnywhere 2: New Administrator Navigation

    Part 2 is designed for a New Administrator and covers the following:
    • Creating Offices
    • Adding New Clinical/ Administrator Users
    • Roles
    • Terminating Users

    • eLearning

  3. Course

    EncoreAnywhere 3: Compliance Management

    Part 3 is designed for Compliance Management and covers the following:
    • Modem Administration
    • Calculation Rules
    • My Day Navigation
    • Patient Usage
    • Reassigning a Download

    • eLearning

  4. Course

    EncoreAnywhere 4: Patient Data Management

    Part 4 is designed for Patient Data Management and covers the following:
    • My Patient Navigation
        - Creating / editing Custom views
        - Loading . deleting views
        - Searching patient list
        - Exporting lists
    • Creating custom fields

    • eLearning

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    EncoreAnywhere 5: Authorizing Physicians and Sleep Labs

    Part 5 is designed for Authorizing Physicians and Sleep Labs and covers the following:
    • Managing Lists
    • Adding Authorizations
    • Merging Authorized with Unauthorized Accounts
    • Physician / Sleep Lab Assignment
    • Notes to physician

    • eLearning

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    EncoreAnywhere 6: Reports

    Part 6 is designed for generating and customizing therapy reports and covers the following:

    • Generating Reports
       -Patient Report
    • Personalize Encore Therapy Reports
    • Create Personalized Therapy Reports

    • eLearning

  7. Course

    The Philips Respironics CPAP Compliance Program – You CAN do it

    This presentation is intended for our sleep labs and DME customers. It will discuss the techniques used to educate and treat apnics focusing on healthy lifestyle and weight loss benefits. Sherry and Ashley comment on their experience while competing on season 9 of NBC’s The Biggest Loser

    • eLearning