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    Fundamentals of Transcranial Doppler Imaging


    Transcranial Doppler Imaging (TCDI) is a non-invasive vascular duplex test used to evaluate the circle of Willis and the vertebrobasilar arteries using various acoustic windows. TCDI evaluates arterial flow distribution, intracerebral hemodynamics, and the presence of focal arterial lesions...

    • Instructor-led

  2. Course

    Live 3D TEE in Structural Heart Disease


    Live 3D TEE provides a novel imaging method to visualize cardiac structures. This modality has enabled us to readily diagnose disease of cardiac structures and guide interventions when necessary.

    During this two-day course, participants will be introduced to 3D image acquisition in...

    • Peer-to-Peer Workshop

  3. Course

    Venous Insufficiency: Ultrasound Diagnosis and Disease Management


    There are a growing number of patients who suffer from venous insufficiency that duplex scanning can help identify. Complex and abnormal patient anatomy, ergonomic challenges, and new applications for ultrasound in diagnosis and treatment guidance call forspecific training for sonographers to...

    • Instructor-led