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    Advanced Fetal Doppler Assessment


    The Advanced Fetal Doppler Assessment University is a one-day, physician-led course that will provide the learner with information on the clinical applications and techniques of fetal Doppler evaluation and interpretation. Educational material will be presented in the form of lectures, case...

    • Peer-to-Peer Workshop

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    Advanced Fetal Echocardiography University


    The Advanced Fetal Echocardiography University is a one-day, physician-led course that will provide the learner a comprehensive overview of the clinical applications, techniques and interpretation of Fetal Echo imaging to aid in the diagnosis of structural malformations of  the heart....

    • Peer-to-Peer Workshop

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    Arterial Duplex Imaging of the Extremities


    There are a growing number of patients who suffer from Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) or one of a number of other arterial abnormalities that duplex scanning may help identify. There is also a growing need for sonographers with an ability to scan them.

    This one-day course is designed...

    • Instructor-led

  4. Course

    Introduction to Musculoskeletal Imaging


    This two-day program provides the basic fundamental information necessary to acquire knowledge and skill in performing musculoskeletal ultrasound exams. Educational material will be presented in the form of detailed lectures as well as supervised hands-on scanning sessions.

    • Instructor-led

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    Measuring Up to Standards: Chamber Quantification


    Advances in echocardiography have expanded the methods for assessing the cardiac chambers. Measuring simple two-dimensional distances are no longer sufficient. Volumes and multidimensional motion provide clinicians important data in the treatment of heart disease. This course will expand the...

    • Instructor-led

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    Measuring Up To Standards: Valvular Quantification


    Improvements in Doppler and in overall imaging allow visualization never before realized. This program will cover assessment of all four cardiac valves for both stenosis and regurgitation. Examples of correct and incorrect  measurements will be given as well as explanation of what comprises a...

    • Instructor-led

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    Musculoskeletal Ultrasound University


    The Musculoskeletal Ultrasound University is a two-day, physician-led course that will provide a comprehensive overview of the practical applications, techniques, and interpretation of MSK imaging. This course will be taught by Nelson A. Hager, MD, MS who is Board certified in Sports Medicine...

    • Peer-to-Peer Workshop

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    Visual Ultrasound Physics Registry Review


    The Visual Ultrasound Physics Registry Review course is a comprehensive, two-day lecture-based ultrasound physics review course. Attendees will review and discuss many images, illustrations, and videos explaining ultrasound physical principles that have traditionally appeared on previous...

    • Instructor-led