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    Advanced Customer Training Vascular Imaging


    Advanced Customer Training (ACT) courses are designed to educate customers on the leading-edge technologies specific to each system and application.  Following your onsite installation training, the intensive ACT serves to expand and deepen your knowledge.

    This one-day course was...

    • Instructor-led

  2. Course

    Advanced Transcranial Doppler Imaging


    Transcranial Doppler Imaging (TCDI) is a non-invasive vascular duplex test used to evaluate the circle of Willis and the vertebrobasilar arteries using various acoustic windows. 

    This one-day program, led by Muhammad Hasan MBBCh, RPVI, RVT, provides the advanced skills needed for those...

    • Peer-to-Peer Workshop

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    Arterial Duplex Imaging of the Extremities


    There are a growing number of patients who suffer from Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) or one of a number of other arterial abnormalities that duplex scanning may help identify. There is also a growing need for sonographers with an ability to scan them.

    This one-day course is designed...

    • Instructor-led

  4. Course

    Extracranial Vascular Duplex Imaging


    This Philips Clinical Education one day course for noninvasive vascular ultrasound technologists is an ideal way for sonographers to learn how to image the carotid arteries. Lectures will provide essential background information and a supervised hands-on workshop will help each attendee master...

    • Instructor-led

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    Ultrasound of Advanced Renovascular Disease


    This Philips Clinical Education full day course for noninvasive vascular ultrasound technologists is developed to meet the climbing need to standardize performance protocols and diagnostic criteria for noninvasive evaluation of complex renal pathologies. The course includes lectures, interactive...

    • Peer-to-Peer Workshop