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    Philips Live 3D TEE tools


    This 2 hour virtual class will review the clinical and technical concepts for a variety of tools useful in Live 3D TEE.



    •3D Auto MV

    •3D Auto LAA



    •TrueVue Color

    •TrueVue Glass

    • Instructor-led Webinar

  2. Course

    What do I look for After my TAVR's and Mitra-Clips?


    With transcatheter therapy becoming an ever-increasing role in the Echo Lab, proper evaluation post-TAVR and Mitra-clip becomes an integral part in the patient's care. Thorough knowledge of both the nuances of TAVR and Mitral clip are now necessary for post-TAVR and post Mitra Clip imaging. This...

    • Instructor-led Webinar