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  1. Course

    Cardiac Anatomy & Physiology for the EP Lab

    The aim of this course is for participants to gain a solid understanding of the body's circulatory system with a particular emphasis on electrical components of the heart's conduction mechanisms. 

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  2. Curriculum

    Cardiovascular Electrophysiology Curriculum for Radiologic Technologists

    The aim of this comprehensive six-part series on Electrophysiology by Healthworks, Inc. is to provide the EP technologists and/or Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (RCIS) with a comprehensive bundle of courses on Electrophysiology (EP).  These ASRT accredited learning modules are ...

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  3. Course

    Introduction to AV Node Ablation

    This tutorial is the fifth of the electrophysiology (EP) series.


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  4. Course

    The Basic EP Study Uncovering Tachycardias

    In audio-visual/webcast tutorial, the learner will be presented with a basic overview and introduction to electrophysiology (EP). Items discussed in this course include the specific intervals for normal and abnormal electrical waveform values, 12 lead EKGs, mechanisms of tachycardia, and how...

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  5. Course

    The Diagnostic EP Study - Part 1: Equipment & Basic Intervals

    The aim of this course is for participants to gain a solid understanding of the equipment utilized in the EP lab and the basic intervals that will be measured on the surface ECG and the internal electrograms. This is a webcast using slides and narration.

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  6. Course

    The Diagnostic EP Study - Part 2: EP Study Techniques

    This webcast with narration is the second installment of a 2-part Diagnostic EP Study module which will provide an overview of an electrophysiology (EP) study, detail pertinent EP anatomy and physiology and discuss, in detail, techniques used during an EP study to test the cardiac conduction...

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