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    Basic ECG Interpretation: An Introduction for Radiologic Technologists

    This course is an introduction to principles of electrocardiographic (ECG or EKG) interpretation. It includes basic physiological principles that underlie the production of an ECG tracing and the single lead interpretation of cardiac arrhythmias. It will not address the use of more sophisticated...

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    Coronary Catheters Getting Bent Into Shape

    This audio-visual/webcast tutorial reviews invasive coronary catheters utilized to opacify the cardiac anatomy. The course will discuss their history, materials they are made from, shapes and their appropriateness of use. Advantages and pitfalls of various catheters are also discussed by Daniel...

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    Diagnosing Coronary Artery Disease and Cath Lab Intervention

    The pathophysiology and clinical aspects of cardiovascular disease will be discussed to provide the background necessary to understand the disease. Identification of risk factors and changes in lab values associated with myocardial disease will be evaluated. Myocardial ischemia, injury, and...

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