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    Can all patients benefit from NIV?

    This lecture describes is to inform clinicians of the various studies and patient diseases types associated with NIV.  Dr. Nava explains the literature and the relevance of the studies.

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    Clinical Application of Ventilator Waveforms and Trending

    This presentation is targeted to respiratory therapists and other clinicians interested in enhancing their knowledge of ventilator graphics and is designed to provide the learner with an introduction to ventilator graphics and the basic skills needed to interpret them. The first section examines...

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    Esprit Ventilator Training

    This program is comprised of an introduction and six independent sections:

    • Ventilator Components
    • Diagnostic Mode
    • Basic Operation
    • Graphics
    • Respiratory Mechanics
    • Trending

    You may select and complete a section in any sequence....

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    How do I set my ventilator for NIV? Different pathologies, different approaches

    This lecture describes different pathologies typically associated with noninvasive ventilation.  Dr. Nava explains the difference between Hypercapnic ARF and Hypoxemia ARF and how they should be treated with noninvasive ventilation.

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    NPPV: Across the Continuum of Care

    In the past decade, the use of noninvasive positive pressure ventilation as an alternative to intubation and conventional ventilation has become a standard of care. Noninvasive ventilation helps reduce the need for endotracheal intubations, decreases complication rates, and improves patient...

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    Respiratory Monitoring: Principles and Application of Volumetric Capnography

    This presentation focuses on respiratory monitoring with particular reference to the principles and clinical applications of carbon dioxide elimination or VC02.


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    The Pressure is On-How Respiratory Therapist and Clinicians Can Reduce HAPU When Using NIV?

    Respiratory Therapists and clinicians are under growing pressure to help prevent and treat Healthcare Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPUs). Learn how implementing a strategy for mask-related HAPUs can help reduce patient harm and lower risk for your hospital.

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