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    Analytic Approaches to Volume Sonography

    The webinar will cover basic principles for the use of 3D multi-planar imaging and volume rendering as complementary techniques to 2D ultrasonography. Dr. Lee will also discuss technical advantages and limitations for the use of volumetric ultrasound data for structures such as the fetal face,...

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    Fundamentals of 3D Ultrasound

    This course provides a basic introduction to 3D ultrasound. The course includes an overview of 2D compared to 3D ultrasound. Interactive graphics supply insight into the scanning techniques and image review processes for 3D ultrasound. The use and techniques of 3D ultrasound compared to other...

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    Imaging Transducers: The Basics

    This course provides a basic introduction to imaging transducers. The course includes an overview of transducer construction, including the various types of imaging and non-imaging transducers. Sound beam formation is discussed, including electronic beam steering and focusing, and the learner is...

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    Principles of Doppler Physics

    This highly entertaining course features Nigel, the quirky science guy, who teaches Doppler ultrasound, volume flow rate, velocity calculations, and much more.

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    Tissue Harmonic Imaging

    This module describes the basic principles of Tissue Harmonic Imaging and explains how harmonic energy is produced in the body and processed by the ultrasound system to improve image quality.

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    Ultrasound Physics: The Basics

    This tutorial provides a basic review of physics and instrumentation for individuals who want to learn more about diagnostic ultrasound, or for those who want to review general concepts. The principles of sound are discussed, as is basic transducer construction, instrumentation, image artifacts...

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