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Course description: 

These interactive modules on CT Neuroanatomy, Intracranial Haemorrhage and Basic Ischemic Stroke will focus on identifying key structures within the brain on both computed tomography (CT)and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). 3D reconstructions will be used to aid visualisation of certain structures. This curriculum will also look at types of bleeding in the brain and their appearance.The last session will look at indications for imaging stroke, vascular territories; early signs of infarction; late signs of infarction; and, further tests - magnetic resonance imaging and carotid imaging.



Course objectives: 

  • Recognise the appearance of the brain on CT and MRI
  • Describe the use of imaging in different planes, including 3D reconstructions
  • Identify the major structures of the brain on CT and MRI
  • Identify the major blood vessels and cerebrospinal fluid spaces on CT and MRI
  • Identify what intracranial haemorrhage looks like on CT and MRI
  • Identify the common causes of haemorrhage and be able to discuss the significance
  • Describe the signs of stroke on computed tomography, including the early signs of acute infarction and the late signs of infarction
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  • eLearning


  • English

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CoR - College of Radiographers

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The content is for information and education only. The content is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please see the full terms of use for this content and this <a href="" target="_blank">website</a>.

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