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What you will learn

Course description: 

Explore all aspects of HeartNavigator on the virtual simulation tool. Practice your skills in an interactive virtual lab simulation. The HeartNavigator virtual simulation tool helps Physicians and Technologists to realize a more efficient workflow. It's an efficient way to learn how to use HeartNavigator when performing minimally invasive procedures to treat structural aortic valve stenosis and other conditions.

This interactive virtual simulation includes passive simulation modules that allows you to discover HeartNavigator. It also includes a series of active simulation modules that give you the chance to practice newly acquired skills in a safe virtual environment where assistance is always available by touching the “Show Me” button. 

With this virtual lab simulation, now you can explore and practice with HeartNavigator at your own pace and master your interventional skills anywhere and at any time.

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Course objectives: 

  • Give an overview of the functionalities available.
  • Demonstrate the workflow.
  • Practise key features in the virtual environment.
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Delivery method: 

  • eLearning


  • English


30 Minutes

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