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Course description: 

This curriculum is designed for clinicians using IntelliSpace Event Management V10 or V11 to perform 1-step staff assignments. One-step staff assignments are different from 2-step staff assignments in that you do not have to assign a wireless device to a clinician. The clinician simply logs onto her phone. If you are not sure whether you are using 1- or 2-step staff assignments, contact the IntelliSpace Event Management System Administrator at your site.

There are 3 modules in this curriculum:

  1. Using 1-step Staff Assignments (10 minutes)
    Overview of the Staff Assignments Function
    Using the Staff Assignments Function
    Reports: The Bed Assignment and Unassigned Beds Reports
  2. Sending Messages using Staff Assignments (10 minutes)
    Send a message to a single staff member,
    Send a message to all staff assigned to a bed
    Send a message to all staff assigned to beds in the unit
    Create re-usable messages
  3. Using Staff Assignment Templates (10 minutes)
    Create an assignment template
    Make staff assignments in a template
    Review staff assignments in a template
    Edit staff assignments in a template
    Activate a template
    Delete a template


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  • eLearning


  • English


30 Minutes

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