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The American College of Radiology has set minimum standards for image quality being generated by high-tech imaging facilities utilizing MRI, CT, and PET. The ACR accreditation process is widely accepted as an industry requirement for reimbursement by Medicare and private insurance providers. The MRI Accreditation Program designed by the ACR evaluates the qualifications of the operators, the quality control standards of the imaging center, the facility's MR safety policies, and the image quality of the MRI unit. It involves the acquisition of clinical and phantom images and corresponding data for each magnet of varying field strength. Every unit must undergo testing for the facility to be accredited.

In response to this change in practice patterns, the ACR has modified the MRI Accreditation Program to offer modules based on these anatomic applications. The ACR offers the following modules: head, body, spine, MRA, musculoskeletal, and cardiac. Philips Clinical Education will work with our customers on each module to assist in the ACR accreditation process.

We will help you prepare for ACR accreditation. We will assist with setting up the ACR phantoms, scanning, setting up protocols that meet or exceed the ACR standards and meet your facilities needs, as well as reviewing and filling out paperwork for ACR accreditation for all six modules.


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  • Instructor-led


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2 Days

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