NM CardMD Handover OnSite 28h

What you will learn

Course description: 

Philips Education Specialists will provide twenty-eight (28) hours of OnSite Education for up to four (4) students, selected by customer, including technologists from night/weekend shifts if necessary. The first four (4) hours onsite will be spent configuring new equipment for specific clinical needs, as well as reviewing important safety features and quality procedures. Course content is intended to provide the framework for operational workflow and clinical applications as they pertain to your site specifically. Students should attend all 28 hours, and must include the OffSite education attendee. CEUs are not available in all cases. Please read Guidelines for more information, which will be provided to you during the scheduling process. Note: Site must be patient-ready. Philips personnel are not responsible for actual patient contact or operation of equipment during education sessions except to demonstrate proper equipment operation.

Topics will include:

  • Gantry 0verview and 0peration
  • Safety features
  • System shutdown and reboot
  • Collimator exchange
  • Protocol creation and editing
  • NM quality control procedures
  • Camera Feature Overview
  • Workstation Overview and Configuration
  • Cardiac imaging best practices
  • Using Astonish effectively (if applicable)
  • Protocol editing
  • Contacting support
  • Gantry and workstation backup/restore

​​Recommendations:  To enhance customer satisfaction with the camera and workstation over the first year of use, 989801292154 (NM Add OnSite 16h) should also be purchased. If Vantage Attenuation Correction (AC) is purchased for the camera, specialized Vantage training, 989801292267 (NM Attn Correc OnSite Clin Educ 16h) should also be purchased. To maximize customer satisfaction with workstation software options, 989801292153 (NM Add OnSite Clin Educ 08h) should be purchased for options 4DMSPECT, Syntegra, AQMD, AQ Xcelera, and JetPack. To assist customers in maximizing the potential of their workstation, 989801292354 (NM EBW Wkstn Lvl 2 OffSite 20h ) should also be purchased with corresponding 989801292446 (NM Partial Week Travel Package Offsite). ​

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Delivery method: 

  • Instructor-led


  • English


28 Hours

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