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Course description: 

Focus on the components of the spine and the cervical, lumbar and thoracic vertebrae. This module will help you identify major curves in the vertebral column, major ligaments in the spinal column, muscle groups associated with the spine and the spinal cord. Follow along at your own pace with easy-to-understand illustrations and interactive animation sequences that allow you to scroll through high quality CT and MR images that show normal findings of the spine.

Sectional Anatomy Essentials Module 4: The Spine is the fourth in a series of nine modules.



Course objectives: 

Upon completion of this module, the participant will be able to: 

• Name the components of the spine. 
• Identify the features of the vertebrae. 
• Describe the differences between cervical, lumbar and thoracic vertebrae. 
• Identify the major curves found in the vertebral column. 
• Locate the major ligaments found in the spinal column. 
• Identify the major muscle groups supporting the spine. 
• Describe the major components of the spinal cord.

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  • eLearning


  • English

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ASRT: American Society Of Radiologic Technologists

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