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    Philips Liver Elastography Overview


    This one-hour Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT) course is designed to provide customers an overview of liver elastography and differentiate between ElastPQ and ElastQ Imaging elastography in liver imaging. This course will discuss the acquisition of elastography data, how to sample the data...

    • Instructor-led Webinar

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    US Imaging of the Abdomen and Retroperitoneum


    This one-hour course is designed to provide customers the basic knowledge to perform ultrasound of the abdomen an retroperitoneum exam. Program topics include the indications, technique, sonographic anatomy, required exam views and measurements of the abdominal and retroperitoneum ultrasound...

    • Instructor-led Webinar

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    SmartExam Protocol Benefits


    Virtual training is a facilitator-led, live online learning event that is delivered in a virtual environment. Participants can be geographically dispersed and also individually connected. Each learner uses their own computer or other compatible device. Virtual training is synchronous, meaning...

    • Instructor-led Webinar

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    Essential Views of Fetal Heart Screening


    Essential Views of Fetal Heart Screening is a 2-hour Virtual Speaker-Led Training course that will review the normal fetal embryology and circulation. The course will discuss the fetal heart views that the AIUM and ACR guidelines state should be included in the second trimester OB scan.  These...

    • Instructor-led Webinar