Healthcare is first and foremost a people business and the provision of quality care depends inevitably on the ability of the healthcare organization to ensure that it has the right professionals with the right skills in the right place at the right time. Philips Education Services can help you define and deliver the learning and development activities your staff need for your combined success. Philips is passionate about helping your people grow in knowledge, satisfaction and commitment, to gain the confidence and skills they need to maximize patient outcomes. As your destination for continuous staff learning and development we offer extensive personalized and continuing clinical, technical, operational and professional development learning programs that are accessible anytime, anywhere via a blended learning approach, while embracing the very latest in learning insights to ensure the highest level of knowledge retention. No matter which program, course, or learning path you choose, when you partner with Philips Education, you can expect:

Highly interactive and rewarding for the best learner experience

Philips learning programs combine hands-on training and peer-to-peer classroom instruction with online courses and webinars, as well as assessments to offer the best environment for learning and keeping learners engaged and motivated.

Perpetual, the learning journey never stops

Our programs and learning paths are designed to be consumed over time, offering learners ample opportunities to develop their skills and competencies for the best learning outcomes. Our education subscriptions are designed to enable you to partner with us around your and your staff’s education needs, spanning multiple years.

Flexible and available anytime, anywhere

Programs are typically designed around a product, clinical specialty or topic to enhance your learning experience. While we are industry leaders in delivering peer-to- peer, in-person educational experiences, our programs also enable clinicians and other professionals to learn at their convenience virtually.

Relevant with role and competency-based programs

Our programs are organized around role-based competencies and help you and your staff learn the constructs needed to be more effective and efficient in your roles. We help the learner achieve defined competencies that are needed to be a proficient healthcare provider. Philips Learning Paths can be customized to bypass topics already familiar to the learner.


We continually measure the effectiveness of our training programs in terms of expanded knowledge, workflow improvements, reduced errors, achieved competencies, and enhanced patient care.

Knowledgeable, expert instructors

All our education programs are delivered by our knowledgeable and highly professional education specialists and instructors located around the world, enabling learners to access education in their own languages and tailored to their local requirements. Our instructors are there to support you every step on your learning journey, be it in-person at your hospital, at one of our learning centers, virtually or online. Every year more than 100,000 healthcare professionals take advantage of Philips Education Services learning activities offered in a variety of languages and delivery formats both online and in-person across the globe. We work with industry experts to create courses accredited by standards bodies such as AACN®, ARRT®, ASRT®, CBRN®, CoR®, and we’d be delighted to work with you to shape your continuing learning program.

Interested to learn more?

If you are interested in any of our learning activities please explore our extensive Global Learning Catalog. Use the registration function to sign-up for a learning activity of choice. After registering a Philips representative will grant access to the learning activity and inform you via email or contact you for additional information if required. Some learning activities require an existing relationship or contract with Philips, while other activities are open to anyone for free or at an additional cost. Please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

Using the Philips Learning Center (PLC)

Our state of the art Learning Management System, the Philips Learning Center (PLC), is the place to experience healthcare education delivered in an intuitive, convenient, and flexible online environment, in multiple languages. We use the PLC to support your learning activities, whether they are provided at a Philips location, at your location, online, or through a blended approach. To access the learning content on the PLC you need to register for a personal account using a unique enrollment key provided to you or your organization by a Philips representative or by registering for one of our activities listed in our Global Learning Catalog. The enrollment key determines which learning activities you can access on the PLC. After logging in on the PLC you can start to learn at your own pace. Once you have successfully completed your assigned learning activities, you will be awarded a certificate of completion that you can download for your own records. Please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.