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Philips is an ideal partner who can provide a meaningful learning experience so that you can leverage education to drive clinical performance.

Enriched Experience. Our clinically grounded courses and programs are based on real-world cases, align with the latest clinical findings, and incorporate practical, hands-on exercises. Philips offerings are tailored to your specific needs and follow clinical learning paths to help your organization continually increase clinical competency.

Comprehensive Curriculum. Philips offers more than 1,000 product, technical, clinical, and professional development courses, programs, and activities spanning the entire care continuum. They range from basic to advanced courses including programs that lead to certification.

Flexible Delivery. Our programs give you a great deal of choice in how, when, and where you and your staff take part in our educational programs. With flexible course selection, pace, assessment, and delivery, you have convenient access to the education and training you need.



At the core of our curriculum is a commitment to product and clinical education that integrates clinical cases, hands-on training, and practice-based peer learning into our courses.
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Learning Paths

Our learning paths can help guide your education journey with select courses organized in a sequence that increases your learning and efficiently manages your time.
Healthcare Education Learning Pahts


Most of our courses are accredited by standards bodies such as ASRT, ARRT, CoR, CBRN, and others. Content is created by Philips subject-matter experts, external course developers, and partner firms offering specialized education.
Healthcare Education Partnerships