BrightView Family

Education resources

Education options for training of the Philips BrightView family of solutions and associated workstations.

The resources on this page will help support your use of the BrightView family of solutions and associated workstations. The How Do I videos will help you to review basic applications on an Advance Molecular Imaging system. The AMI quick steps are to assist you in proceeding through a process step-by-step. These processes are basic functions of the system and may assist a user to review a function they may not have used routinely in the past.

Visit this page often to view additional basic and advanced trainings as they become available. This material is not intended to substitute or replace the Operating Manual or Instructions for Use.

BrightView Solutions How To Videos

These videos will demonstrate techniques on the BrightView solutions and associated workstations

How Do I
Recommit a Study on the BrightView

How to Recommit a study on the BrightView Family system.

How Do I
edit an existing JETStream acquisition protocol

How to edit an existing protocol on the JETStream acquisition system.