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  1. Course

    Dynamic Planning

    This detailed presentation provides insight on adapting treatment plans after prior treatment delivery or when a patient experiences anatomical changes during current treatment. The session highlights the advantages of deformable image registration for composite planning, following prior...

    • Instructor-led Webinar

  2. Course

    Pinnacle³ Auto Segmentation with SPICE

    Clinical Education Specialists will provide twenty-four (24) hours of education for up to three (3) dedicated Therapy staff members selected by customer. This course covers extended features with Pinnacle³ version 9.4 for radiation therapy treatment planning and use of Auto Segmentation with...

    • Instructor-led

  3. Course

    Pinnacle³ Customized 1.5 Hour Webinar

    Clinical Education Specialists will provide 1.5 hours of Remote Clinical Education for the Philips Pinnacle treatment planning system.  Training will be prepared and delivered based on your needs and available Pinnacle license keys.  Features that can be demonstrated and discussed include:...

    • Instructor-led Webinar

  4. Course

    Virtual Pinnacle Level II Applied IMRT Training

    We want to deliver a dynamic educational experience that not only builds on your Pinnacle system knowledge, but helps to retain it.

    • Instructor-led Webinar