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Course description: 

This session will include in depth didactic and hands on training covering the vascular interventional tools used in conjunction with the IGT imaging system(currently 3DRA, XperCT, Xper Guide/Ablation, 3D Roadmapping,MR/CT Roadmap, EmboGuide, VesselNavigator, 2D Perfusion). This course is designed to provide functionality, workflow, and application knowledge utilizing a fully funciotnal X-ray system with imaging phantoms. This course will help train staff to fully utilize the Vascular Interventional Tools program including the overlay features with live X-ray. Due to software release levels, the software used for training may differ slightly from the software used at your facility. This course is highly recommended to compliment your standard on-site training for Vascular Interventional Tools.



Course objectives: 

At the end of the Vascular Interventional Tools training program, the participant should be able to perform, discuss, and understand all technical and clinical aspects of the Interventional programs. This includes clinical usage, workflow steps, and overlay functionality involved.

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  • Instructor-led


  • English


2.5 Days

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