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This tutorial discusses the Philips Sparq ultrasound system.  The module allows you to explore the features and functionality of the Sparq ultrasound such as; System Overview, Peripherals Setup, Transducers, Barcode Scanner, Exam Dashboard, Analysis, Annotations, SmartExam Protocols, Reference Lines, Needle Visualization and Quick Reports.

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Course objectives: 

The System Overview section of this module will:

  • Discuss cart features and functionality
  • Discuss monitor features and functionality
  • Identify control panel features and functionality
  • Locate system filters 
  • Locate battery compartment 

The Peripherals Setup section of this module will:

  • Describe how to configure local (USB) printers and customize the properties to print images, Setup screen, PDE Screen, Reports, and Help topics
  • Discuss how to configure print layout format for multiple images on a page
  • Explain how to configure other peripheral devices (foot switch, DVD)

The Transducers section of this module will:

  • Describe the steps to properly connect a transducer to the system
  • Describe the available transducers
  • Discuss how to correlate indications for use and supporting transducers
  • Identify the primary exams optimized for each transducer
  • Identify the imaging modes available on each transducer

The Barcode Scanner section of this module will:

  • Describe how to scan barcode data for the Sparq system
  • The Exam Dashboard section of this module will:
  • Describe how to enter and edit patient information in the Exam Dashboard
  • Discuss how to select the required transducer and exam from the Exam Dashboard
  • Explain the use of the Temporary ID feature to begin a study 

The Exam Dashboard section will describe how to use the following analysis tools:

  • Trackpad Functions
  • Simpson's 3-Point EF calculation
  • Backup Erase
  • Hi Q - Heart Rate
  • ICA/CCA ratio
  • Delete META measurements
  • MV Decel Slope to include MV Peak E value

The Annotations section of this module will:

  • Describe the features and use of Annotation
  • Explain the features and use of Body Markers 

The SmartExam Protocols section of this module will:

  • Explain how to create new protocols and modify existing protocols
  • Describe the process to acquire the information required to complete each view
  • Discuss the use of protocol quick keys to navigate views
  • Explain the steps needed to end a protocol appropriately

The Reference Lines section of this module will:

  • Identify transducers with reference lines
  • Discuss modes compatible with reference lines
  • Demonstrate utilization of features

The Needle Visualization section of this module will:

  • Demonstrate utilization of the Needle Visualization feature
  • Discuss "approach" and "angle" settings
  • List the customer benefits of performing needle guidance procedures

The Quick Reports section of this module will:

  • Discuss how to edit Quick Reports
  • Review Quick Reports and Full Reports
  • Explain how to organize study data by exam
  • Discuss how to manage multiple report versions
  • Review how to export Quick Reports
  • Identify exam specific Quick Reports
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  • eLearning


  • English


2 Hours

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Philips Instructor

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The content is for information and education only. The content is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please see the full terms of use for this content and this website.

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