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    3D Echo in Daily Routine

    This two-day course is designed for adult echo cardiologists wanting to get a clear introduction to the use of 3D echo in daily routine.

    The course offers a mix of brief lectures and extensive hands-on (patient and software) sessions. 3D image optimization, data set acquisition,...

    • Instructor-led

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    Advanced Perioperative 3D TEE - Ao/Pul/Tri Valve


    Educational material will be presented in the form of lectures, case presentations, and informal discussions that together will provide a comprehensive review of how perioperative TEE can be used in patients undergoing valve repair and replacement to guide surgical decision-making preoperatively...

    • Instructor-led

  3. Course

    Anterior Wall Defects: A Review

    This course reviews anterior wall defects in the fetus. Normal development, rotation and structures of the midgut are discussed. You will learn how to distinguish between an omphalocele and gastroschisis as well as recognize normal findings and abnormalities that mimic these two conditions....

    • eLearning

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    The sonographer's systematical approach to the comprehensive echo exam


    The field of echocardiography is a rapidly changing one. Sonographers must keep up with the changes and technological advancements. Existing guidelines outline the steps that are needed to be taken in a modern complete echo. This course will review those steps and expand the sonographer's...

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    Using Fractional Flow Reserve and Intravascular Ultrasound in the Cath Lab

    Angiography has long been the gold standard for cardiac imaging, but the modality has distinct limitations, especially when it comes to determining if a cardiac lesion is functionally significant. Two new investigational technologies, fractional flow reserve (FFR) and intravascular ultrasound (...

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