About Healthcare Education

Meaningful learning for enhanced patient care

Philips Healthcare Education can help you unlock the full potential of your people, your technology, and your organization through innovative, meaningful, and evidence-based healthcare education. Our comprehensive, clinically-relevant courses, programs, and learning paths are designed to help enhance operational efficiency and provide high-quality patient care.

Through an engaging and comprehensive offering of advanced learning opportunities, we can teach staff how to best use products, help educate them in clinical specialties, and provide non-clinical professional development. All of our courses are designed to help enhance operational efficiency and quality of care. No other healthcare education program provides you with a broader choice of advanced learning opportunities, flexible access and delivery, and an engaging, interactive experience.

The education link

We believe the link between quality education and quality patient care has never been more critical to success, our education solutions are designed to help you:

  • Keep pace with rapid changes in technology, healthcare regulations, and the competitive landscape.
  • Learn to make the most of Philips technologies in a clinical setting – to help streamline workflow and enhance patient care.
  • Build clinical skills and knowledge to motivate, inspire, and retain your staff.
  • Become proficient in clinical applications and elevate problem-solving skills via real-world case studies.
  • Reduce operational costs with reduced errors, exam times, and retakes.
  • Provide advanced, ongoing healthcare education for all levels of your organization to support more consistent and cost-effective delivery of quality care.

Philips is an ideal partner for education

We provide a meaningful learning experience so that you can leverage education to drive clinical performance.

Enriched Experience: Our clinically grounded courses and programs are based on real-world cases, align with the latest clinical findings, and incorporate practical, hands-on exercises. Philips offerings are tailored to your specific needs and follow clinical learning paths to help your organization continually increase clinical competency.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Philips offers more than 1,500 product, technical, clinical, and professional development courses, programs, and activities spanning the entire care continuum. They range from basic to advanced courses including programs that lead to certification.

Flexible Delivery: Our programs give you a great deal of choice in how, when, and where you and your staff take part in our educational programs. With flexible course selection, pace, assessment, and delivery, you have convenient access to the education and training you need.

To learn more about our education portfolio and how we can help enhance operational efficiency and provide high-quality patient care, please visit our Learning Connection home page.