Computed Tomography Education

Computed Tomography Education

Dedicated to fulfilling the diagnostic promise of
CT imaging

We can provide you with general healthcare education and specialized training on Philips Healthcare technology.

  • Learn to make the most of Philips technologies in a clinical setting – to help streamline workflow and enhance patient care.
  • Become proficient in clinical applications and elevate problem-solving skills via real-world case studies.
  • Reduce operational costs with reduced errors, exam times, and retakes.

Computed Tomography Education Focus Areas

Computed Tomography Events and Resources

Access CT How To Videos

These how to videos will help you to advance your Access CT applications knowledge.
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Brilliance XR-29 Release Education

These videos will help you get started with the new features in this release. View them before using the equipment.

CT Recorded Webinar

March 22, 2016
Radiation Dose Quantities and Radiation Risk, duration 1 hour

IQon Spectral Fundamentals App is now available for Android and Apple iPad devices

Philips IQon Spectral CT Fundamentals is an interactive learning tool that introduces medical professionals to the basics of Spectral CT physics and various spectral imaging features. See how the IQon Spectral imaging can become part of your routine CT imaging by experiencing a few of the diagnostic benefits that radiologists, physicians, medical residents and radiology technologists may encounter in daily patient imaging.

This Spectral Fundamentals app includes information on:

  • Spectral Technology
  • Adding Spectral to your Clinical Workflow
  • Clinical Spectral Results capabilities

Interactive tools include experiencing:

  • Spectral Magic Glass benefits
  • kEv slider
  • Image Fusion
  • Diagnostic Characterization Tools

Also, observe case reviews via the following Spectral viewers:

  • CT Viewer
  • Advanced Vessel Analysis
  • Cardiac Viewer
  • Tumor tracking

Download the app to your Android phone or tablet from the the Google Play store

Download the app to your Apple iPad, does not include iPhone

Learn more about the MITA XR-29 Standards

The MITA XR-29 Smart Dose standards include four new feature requirements to help CT users perform high-quality diagnostic imaging while managing radiation dose:

  • DICOM Dose Structured Reporting – Recording of post-exam dose information in a standardized electronic format.
  • CT Dose Check – Dose notifications and dose alerts that notify operators and physicians when dose exceeds established thresholds.
  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) – Automatically adjusts the amount of radiation used, based on the size, shape and composition of the patient.
  • Pediatric & Adult Reference Protocols – Pre-loaded protocols on the CT systems that serve as a baseline for a variety of clinical tasks.

Find out if your Philips CT scanner is XR-29 compliant.

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