Learning Paths help guide your education journey

Philips Healthcare Education course offerings are organized in Learning Paths to help guide your education journey. We carefully select courses and arrange them in a sequence that enhances your learning and efficiently manages your time. Each Learning Path is designed to fulfill the demands placed upon you as a member of a highly effective clinical team. Many Learning Paths are created so that you can customize your learning by selecting courses based on your preferred style of learning, such as elearning or instructor-led courses, and you can bypass topics already familiar to you. Upon completion of a Learning Path, you will have more confidence that you have mastered the knowledge and skills of the technology or clinical specialty covered.


Orthopedic Imaging for the Radiographer
Analog Mammography for the Mammographer
Cardiac CT Learning Path for CT Technologists

Cardiac CTThis learning path includes a targeted elearning introduction of cardiac structural and functional anatomy as well as an overview on cardiac dysrhythmias and ECGs. You can select from two options based on your existing level of knowledge and either learning path provides a good clinical background for Cardiac CT education. If you have a strong clinical background you can skip the Basic Clinical Education section. This path then guides you through product education to clinical specialty courses in cardiology. The Instructor-led courses are available in North America.

Cardiac CT Learning Path
Cardiac MRI Learning Path for MRI Technologists