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At Philips Education Services, we’re here to help you unlock the potential and possibilities of healthcare education for your career and for patient care.

Explore our Global Learning Catalog, packed with over 1,000 courses and learning activities designed to help enhance operational efficiency and quality of care. Simply choose by profession, product, or clinical specialty area, or you can learn more about our Custom Learning Solutions and Learning Paths. Designed for physicians, clinicians, nurses, technologists, biomedical engineers, and a broad range of other clinical roles - there are continuous learning opportunities for all. Philips Education courses and programs are designed to stimulate learning and cover a broad range of topics such as radiology, cardiology, oncology, anatomy and physiology, women’s health, clinical decision making and diagnosis, neurology, emergency medicine and many more.

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Product and Clinical Applications Education

Clinical application courses cover monitoring and imaging systems and software applications and are designed to support clinical excellence.
Product and Clinical Applications Education

Explore the Global Learning Catalog

A learning experience like no other starts here. Search by profession, clinical specialty, product or interest area and choose from over 1,000 comprehensive courses, programs and learning paths, delivered via an innovative blend of learning techniques and materials.
Healthcare education catalog

Healthcare Education Programs

We offer 1,000+ continuing medical and healthcare education learning activities for nurses, radiologic technologists, sonographers, and other healthcare professionals.
Healthcare Continuing Education

Learning Paths explained

Continuing education is a journey not a destination. We utilize Learning paths to guide every learner’s education journey. Philips Learning Paths ensure that every individual learner’s path is strategic, relevant, personalized, impactful and rewarding.
Healthcare Education Learning Pahts

Operational Intelligence Insight Hub

Operational Intelligence (OI) is our mindset and methodology for operational excellence. Explore our insight hub to find out how OI fast tracks lasting structural and behavioral change across healthcare operations, including ways you can develop your OI skills.
Healthcare Education Learning Pahts