Radiation Oncology Education

Specialized technical and clinical training
designed for the professional

Learn to make the most of Pinnacle treatment planning in a clinical setting – to help streamline workflow and enhance patient care.

Become proficient in Pinnacle applications and elevate problem-solving skills via real-world case studies.

Discover how to reduce operational costs by reducing errors, exam times, and retakes.

Pinnacle Webinar Series

Monthly remote peer-to-peer trainings designed for all users, both new and experienced, who want an overview and better understanding of Pinnacle and its applications.

Radiation Oncology Events and Resources

Pinnacle Recorded Webinars

Expert knowledge and perspectives on radiation treatment simulation and planning through our recorded webinars.
Radiation Oncology Webinars

Pinnacle How To Videos

These how to videos will help you to advance your Pinnacle treatment planning applications knowledge.
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