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  1. Curriculum

    Cardiovascular eLearning Curriculum

    Philips offers comprehensive online clinical education packages that are designed to support clinical excellence, increase use of advanced system features, instill physician confidence in the quality of exams, enhance workflow and productivity, and foster professional growth and teamwork –...

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  2. Course

    Echocardiography: Measuring up to Standards, Cardiac Mechanics

    This course focuses on echocardiographic measurements according to established standards. The topics include quantification of valvular stenosis and regurgitation, performance of cardiac chamber measurements and myocardial performance both systolic and diastolic.    

    This course is part...

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  3. Course

    Echocardiography: Measuring up to Standards, Chamber Quantification

    During this course we will review the recommended process for quantification the chambers of the heart. Some consider the assessment of cardiac chamber size and function as the foundation of echocardiography. Advancements in imaging such as 3D, Speckle tracking to mention a few, have changed the...

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  4. Course

    Echocardiography: Measuring up to Standards, Valvular Quantification

    This module will present examples of both correct and incorrect measurements, describing the characteristics of a good measurement and why another measurement is poor. During this course we will review the recommended process for quantification of valvular stenosis and regurgitation.


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  5. Course

    EPIQ 3D University Essentials Congenital Edition


    This two-day course is designed to provide a solid foundation in Live 3D echocardiography for physicians and cardiac sonographers who are new 3D users.

    This course provides a spectrum of situations both physicians and sonographers can use and reference. By increasing familiarity with...

    • Instructor-led

  6. Course

    Master Course in Anatomical 3D TEE for Surgical and Transcatheter Procedures


    This two-day course is guided by a leading cardiothoracic surgeon, Evelio Rodriguez MD, and is designed specifically for cardiac sonographers, anesthesiologists and physician CV imaging specialists to improve their knowledge base and learn expert 3D TEE imaging techniques in pre-evaluation and...

    • Instructor-led

  7. Course

    Mitral Valve Imaging


    This one-day course is designed to provide heart surgeons, interventional cardiologists, non-interventional cardiologists, cardiac anesthesiologists and cardiac sonographers with the fundamental skills required to obtain and analyze high-quality Live 3D TEE images.The course focuses on image...

    • Peer-to-Peer Workshop

  8. Course

    Perioperative 3D TEE


    Live 3D TEE provides cardiologists, anesthesiologists, and cardiac surgeons with innovative, inspiring and realistic views to aid in patient care. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the practical applications of this novel technology in the perioperative environment.  This two...

    • Peer-to-Peer Workshop

  9. Course

    QLAB Cardiac 3DQ Biplane EF and LV Mass


    Virtual training is a facilitator-led, live online learning event that is delivered in a virtual environment. Participants can be geographically dispersed and also individually connected. Each learner uses their own computer or other compatible device. Virtual training is synchronous, meaning...

    • Instructor-led Webinar