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    Breast Imaging Basics Module 10: Digital Mammography

    Explore the theory and physics behind producing, acquiring and displaying digital mammograms as well as the benefits of digital mammography for patients and technologists. Easy-to-understand animations and illustrations detail both the benefits and misconceptions of this well-established...

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    Breast Imaging Basics Module 1: Fundamentals

    Explore the history and development of mammography in this interactive learning module. Easy-to-understand animations and illustrations cover how radiographic principles apply to mammographic imaging and the development of digital mammography. Breast Imaging Basics: Fundamentals is the first in...

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    Breast Imaging Basics Module 2: Equipment and Instrumentation

    Learn about the basic function and components of mammography equipment in this interactive learning module. Easy-to-understand illustrations will help you understand the physics of the mammography unit and image receptors, distinguish between analog and digital equipment and identify methods...

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    Breast Imaging Basics Module 3: Producing Quality Images

    Understand the technical variables, processes and factors that affect mammograms in this interactive learning module. Easy-to-understand illustrations explain how to manipulate technical factors to improve the quality of the image and the safety of the exam. Breast Imaging Basics: Producing...

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    Breast Imaging Basics Module 4: Breast Anatomy

    This module offers an overview of the development and features of the adult female breast. Easy-to-understand animations and illustrations identify the vascular supply, venous and lymphatic drainage systems, hormonal influences, common anomalies and surgical techniques. Breast Imaging Basics:...

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    Breast Imaging Basics Module 5: Pathology

    Discover techniques to recognize breast disease while learning the terminology for breast pathology. Easy-to-understand illustrations and instruction cover both benign and malignant systemic diseases, male breast cancer and treatment options. Breast Imaging Basics: Pathology is the fifth in a...

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    Breast Imaging Basics Module 6: Quality Control and Regulations

    This easy-to-understand module with illustrations explains the personnel and reporting requirements listed in the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) regulations as well as the mandated mammography quality control (QC) tests performed by technologists. All mammography facilities are...

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    Breast Imaging Basics Module 7: Patient Care

    Develop good communication and interviewing skills so you can create pleasant and effective examinations for all your patients. This interactive module covers the difference between screening and diagnostic mammography, breast self-examination, addressing special patient needs and common...

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    Breast Imaging Basics Module 8: Procedures and Techniques

    Explore the breast positioning as an art while learning how to acquire diagnostic images that can detect breast abnormalities. This interactive learning module will illustrate circumstances for using various projections and positions, distinguish between screening and diagnostic images and...

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    Breast Imaging Basics Module 9: Breast Ultrasound

    Explore the basic principles of ultrasound physics and the physical principles of ultrasound production as they apply to breast imaging. This easy-to-understand module with illustrations describes the role of ultrasound in characterizing breast pathology, identifies the basics steps of the...

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    Breast Imaging Basics - The Series

    Breast Imaging Basics is a series of 10 interactive modules that encompass many of the topics found in the ARRT exam. When you buy all 10 modules as a series, you will receive all 10 modules as well as a practice test. After successful completion of all 10 modules, you will receive a recognition...

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    Finding a New Groove: Positioning for Digital Mammography

    Mammography technologists must provide high quality mammograms to detect cancer at an early stage. Sometimes, however, quality images can be difficult to achieve for a variety of reasons. Successful mammographers know how to obtain the maximum amount of tissue despite differences in patient...

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    Image Interpretation - Breast Imaging: Benign Calcification and Masses

    Session 1 will look at benign lesions of the breast. It will look at some of the clinical aspects and then focus on the imaging characteristics of each lesion. Session 2 will look at the patterns of calcification seen in a variety of benign breast diseases and conditions.

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    Image Interpretation - Breast Imaging: Breast Biopsy

    This session will look at the different ways a breast biopsy can be performed. Types of equipment required and why one modality may be preferable to another are discussed.

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    Image Interpretation - Breast Imaging: History and Anatomy and Physiology

    Session 1 will place breast imaging in an historical perspective. It will review the development of breast imaging from its historical origins through to its current use as a screening and diagnostic tool. Session 2 will look at the anatomy and physiology of the female breast. It will focus on...

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    Image Interpretation - Breast Imaging: Malignant Calcifications and Masses

    Session 1 will look at the patterns of calcification seen in malignant breast disease. Session 2 will look at analysing masses seen on mammography and a variety of malignant lesions affecting the breast.

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    Mammographic Equipment: Generators, Tube and Photon Production

    This is one unit of a planned mammographic equipment series. Lessons include important generator characteristics and special x-ray tube construction considerations specific to mammography. Learners will be able to describe the impact of electrical voltage ripple, how rectified x-ray generators...

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    Mammography Physics and Technology

    The aim of this course is to educate the participant on Mammography physics and technology including the imaging process. Many pathologic conditions, especially cancer, produce very small physical changes that are difficult to visualize with x-ray imaging. Mammography is a highly-effective...

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    Mammography: Accommodating Positioning Challenges

    The purpose of this module is to address positioning challenges frequently encountered in the clinical practice of mammography. Positioning tips are provided so that imaging quality is maintained for maximum diagnostic potential.

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