Access CT Education

Redefining value in Access CT education

Philips Access CT education provides quick tips to compliment powerful enhanced clinical workflow and application training videos.

The resources on this page will help you get started using your Access CT scanner. Visit this page often to view additional basic and advanced software trainings as they become available. This material is not intended to substitute or replace the Operating Manual or Instructions for Use.

Scanner Maintenance

Tube Warm-Up

Demonstration of Performing a Tube Warm-Up.


Demonstration of Performing an Air Calibration.


Demonstration of Performing a QA

Scanning Instructions

Generating Protocols with Dose Tools

How to Generate a Protocol with ACS + DOM

Scanning A Patient

Performing a Basic Scan

Bolus Tracking Option

Adding a Bolus Tracking Injection to a Protocol

Timed Injection

Adding a timed injection Injection to a protocol

Using MAR

Metal Artifact Reduction(MAR)


Generating a Protocol with 70kVp


Review of the CCT Option


Insert MPR into Protocol


Using iDose4

DoseRight ACS+Dom

Review of DoseRight ACS+Dom

Viewing software

2D Viewer

Demonstration of the use of 2D Viewer

MPR Viewer

Demonstration of the use of MPR Viewer


Demonstration of the use of iBatch located in the MPR Viewer

Endo Viewer

Demonstration on use of the Endo Viewer

Volume Viewer

Demonstration of Volume Viewer

Digital Subtraction Algorithm (DSA)

Demonstration of DSA located in Volume Viewer



Demonstration of the use of the Dental Planning Application

Lung Nodule Assessment Option

Demonstration of the use of the Lung Nodule Assessment Application

Vessel Analysis Option

Demonstration of the use of the Vessel Analysis Application

CT Colonoscopy

Demonstration of the use of the CT Colonoscopy Application

Brain Perfusion

How to Use Brain Perfusion Application