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    Aseptic Technique and OR Protocol

    The aim of this course is to educate healthcare professionals on aseptic technique and OR protocol.


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    Domestic Violence

    This course is designed to give the healthcare professional an overview of the definition, statistics, and patterns of domestic violence in America. The learner will understand this phenomenon from the perspective of both the batterer and the victim. They will also identify the physical,...

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    HIV/AIDS - Prevention, Transmission, and Exposure Support

    The program focus is on HIV/AIDS prevention and transmission. It also addresses concerns of health care workers who may have accidentally¬Ě been infected. Content includes an overview of AIDS: its global impact, disease stages, and treatment guidelines; a discussion of OSHA standards related to...

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    HIV/AIDS: Clinical Management and Treatment Protocols

    This HIV/AIDS course is designed for the health care professional who would like to learn more about the clinical management and current recommended treatment regimens of the patient that is HIV positive. HAART will be discussed, as well as treatment to control symptoms and to treat concurrent...

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    HIV/AIDS: Co-Infections and Opportunistic Infections

    This course is designed for healthcare professionals interested in learning more about the infections associated with HIV/AIDS. The content is organized into three broad sections: Section One describes some of the more common co-infections, including hepatitis and STDs; Section Two discusses...

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    Law & Rules Governing the Practice of Nursing in the State of Florida

    This course was designed to meet the 2 hour requirement for nursing license renewal in conjunction with the laws and rules related to the practice of nursing and nurse-assisting. This course covers the Nurse Practice Act; the general scope of practice, nursing practice in the State, the...

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  7. Curriculum

    Safety Essentials: The Series

    This series provides vital information about the conceptual basis and practical processes of improving safety in medical environments. The Safety Essentials series will prepare you to provide a secure environment for your patients. Patient transfer and transport, risk management and infection...

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