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  1. Course

    CT iPatient Essentials 28 Hr.Offsite

    Philips will provide in-depth lectures covering basic clinical applications, Philips-specific imaging techniques, protocol optimization, and scan parameters. An iPatient CT system emulator is used during the lecture sessions to simulate all basic scanning operations without X-ray exposure. A...

    • Instructor-led

  2. Course

    CVCT Physician Training Level 3

    This intensive 6-day course, taught by cardiologists and/or radiologists, provides hands on practice with live and mentored cardiac CTA cases, including acquisition, reconstruction, post processing, and interpretation. Training includes correlation with invasive angiography and intravascular...

    • Peer-to-Peer Workshop

  3. Course

    Grundkurs Multislice CT

    Dieser Fortbildungskurs richtet sich an die Anwender dieser modernen Technologie. Ziel ist es, die Funktionsweise eines MSCT genauer kennenzulernen und neue Kenntnisse zur praktischen Arbeit am Gerät zu erlangen.


    Eine kostenfreie Stornierung...

    • Instructor-led

  4. Course

    IntelliSpace Portal CT Technologist Remote Training

    A Philips Clinical Education Specialist will provide a remote training session of 90-120 minutes, not to exceed 120 minutes, on the IntelliSpace Portal. This training session will be comprised of three stages: computer-based introduction, hands on manipulation of the package software on patient...

    • Instructor-led Webinar

  5. Course

    IntelliSpace Portal Full CT Training

    This training is to convey the principles of the IntelliSpace Portal (ISP) and its packages. A Core Portal Trainer will be developed to assure efficient and competent operational use of the IntelliSpace Portal with maximum image quality. Packages to be reviewed include CT, NM, Multimodality,...

    • Instructor-led

  6. Course

    iPatient Follow Up 24hr Training

    This course is an onsite visit intended to assist you with optimizing your iPatient scanner. Philips will provide you further guidance on the clinical applications of your iPatient scanner, including a review of basic scanner workflow, functionality, and maintenance.

    • Instructor-led

  7. Course

    Proficiency with iPatient Software

    Become more proficient with the iPatient interface. Learn keyboard shortcuts and workflow tips to enhance your use of iPatient. 

    • eLearning