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    IRM NEURO AVANCEEThéorie et pratique sur console depost-traitement Philips en IRM Neuro-Avancée

    Théorie et pratique sur console de post-traitement Philips en IRM neuro-avancée.

    Cours théorique

    • Rappels sur le spin-écho.
    • Séquence EPI (échoplanar imaging).
    • IRM de diffusion.
    • IRM de perfusion.
    • IRM du tenseur de diffusion.
    • ...
    • Instructor-led

  2. Course

    MR Advanced Neuro 28hr. Offsite

    Magnetic resonance imaging of the neurovascular system is becoming an important part in the clinical setting. A stronger understanding of the neurovascular system and MRs role in imaging it will help technologists, scientist and clinicians to implement advanced methods more effectively and...

    • Instructor-led

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    us_enThis online course provides training for using the NeuroPerfusion package (R2 onwards). It includes how to generate results per ROI and per pixel, how to apply smoothing, how to adjust the threshold, how to view parametric maps, how to apply the Arterial Input Function and how to generate...

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