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    Cardiac Explorer (EWS R2.6.3.1)

    This module provides instruction on the EWS Cardiac Explorer, including basic workflow, viewing and analysis.

    This course requires a NetForum account, which can be created at the following website:

    • eLearning

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    Clinical Workshop on Cardiac MR Stress Imaging

    This three-day course offers dedicated, intense, individualized and hands-on CMR stress imaging training to a small number of participants (max 10). Both theoretical and practical aspects will be addressed with focused lectures to support the hands-on training sessions. The training will be...

    • Instructor-led

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    IRM CARDIAQUEThéorie et pratique sur console depost-traitement Philips en IRM Cardiaque

    Théorie et pratique sur console de post-traitement Philips en IRM Cardiaque.

    Cours théorique

    • Rappels sur l’anatomie cardiaque et la place de l’IRM.
    • Séquences utilisées en IRM cardiaque.
    • IRM morphologique.
    • IRM ciné.
    • Perfusion
    • ...
    • Instructor-led

  4. Course

    MR Advanced Cardiac 28hr. Offsite

    Philips will provide one (1) technologist, as selected by customer, with a series of lectures and hands-on workstation and scanning experience building on the Basic MR Cardiac Course. This advanced course is intended for users with prior knowledge of MR Cardiac scanning and includes in depth...

    • Instructor-led

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    MR Basic Cardiac Imaging 28 Hrs OffSite

    Philips will provide instructor-led, in-depth didactic, tutorial, and hands-on education on the anatomy and electrophysiology of the heart; basic and advanced knowledge of Philips sequences and how they are implemented in cardiac MR; image quality; and reduction of artifacts techniques. This...

    • Instructor-led

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    MR Cardiac 24hr. On-site

    This training program is a hands-on MR cardiac education experience. The training includes hands-on training with verbal instructions on MR Cardiac imaging procedures.

    The content is identified as follows:

    • Black blood double and triple IR imaging
    • Cine bright blood
    • ...
    • Instructor-led

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    MR Cardio Intensivkurs

    Der Kurs findet in Zusammenarbeit mit der CMR-Akademie statt. Er richtet sich an Med. Technische Assistenten/innen, die mit der Bedienung des MR-Systems bereits vertraut sind und nun das Untersuchungsspektrum der Cardio-MRT in Theorie und Praxis kennenlernen mchten.


    • Instructor-led

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    SENSE Pediatric body/cardiac coil training

    us_enThis online course provides training for using the SENSE Pediatric Body/Cardiac coil. It includes coil description, patient positioning and coil selection.

    This course requires a NetForum account, which can be created at the following website:


    • eLearning