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  1. Curriculum

    Avalon Fetal Monitor End User Training FM20/30 40/50 Rev G.0

    This course has 7 modules:

    1. Product Basics
    2. Monitoring Basics
    3. Monitoring Fetal Heart Rate and Fetal Movement Profile
    4. Other Fetal Measurements
    5. Maternal Measurements
    6. Working with the Avalon Cordless Fetal Transducer System (CTS)
    7. ...
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  2. Course

    Avalon Fetal Monitor End User Training Rev J.3

    Avalon Fetal Monitor Revision J.3 Curriculum is comprised of 18 modules.  The curriculum reviews:

    • The Avalon FM20/FM30 and FM40/FM50 fetal monitors
    • The Avalon CL cordless transducer system
    • The tympanic thermometer
    • Fetal and maternal measurements
    • ...
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  3. Course

    Avalon Fetal Monitoring Application Training Video

    This training is a short video (around 15 minutes) showing the application of placing transducers and monitoring Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) with the Avalon Fetal Monitors FM20, FM30, FM40, FM50.

    Part Number#: 453564243081

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  4. Course

    IntelliSpace Perinatal Clinical Curriculum

    The Intellispace Perinatal Clinical curriculum consists of 18 modules

    Learning Objectives
    After completing this module you will be able to:
    a) Explain the data management capabilities of the IntelliSpace Perinatal system.
    b) Describe 2 ways that users...

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  5. Course

    OB Tracevue Applications Rev. F

    This is a basic technical application training OBTraceVue rev F service training, adequate for service people trained in OBTV Rev. E and FSE's who are new to the OBTV product line. Students will learn to operate the Philips OBTraceVue system and have hands on labs to reinforce the lecture...

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