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    Cue Based Feeding: Implications for Clinical Practice

    This innovative feeding program is aimed at individualizing the feeding experience for infants in the NICU.  The program introduces the learner to the social context of the feeding experience and how it can affect both the preterm and/or critically ill infant and the family.  The caregiver...

    • Instructor-led

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    Global Wee Care

    The Wee Care program is a customized, internationally recognized, quality and process improvement program.  Aimed at standardizing developmentally supportive care practices in the NICU, this program combines evidence-based best practices with core measures for developmentally supportive care to...

    • Instructor-led

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    Preemie for a Day

    This popular, interactive, multi-sensory training program contrasts the experience of a neonate in a traditional NICU environment to that of a neonate in a developmentally supportive NICU.

    What you will learn
    • How to use positioning and handling techniques to promote proper flexion...

    • Instructor-led

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    The Late Preterm Infant

    This program will share insights relating to the complexity of the late preterm infant and provide caregivers with a better understanding of the hidden challenges these infants face. 

    • Instructor-led