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    Anatomy and Physiology Review for NMT

    This course is designed to provide the medical imaging professional with a comprehensive review of cardiac anatomy and physiology, and electrophysiology. The content begins with a discussion of the location and function of cardiac structures; explores arterial distribution and the cardiac cycle...

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    Basic Introduction to Nuclear Medicine

    This course offers a basic introduction into the principles and practice of Nuclear Medicine. The course aims at professionals in the field of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy, who have little or no knowledge about the discipline of Nuclear Medicine. In this course the student will learn...

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    Dynamic Renography

    This course offers an in depth reconnaissance of a nuclear medicine examination of the kidneys: dynamic renography. The course also deals with the relevant anatomy, fetal development and physiology of the kidneys, and with some concepts from nephrology. The course is primarily intended as...

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    Introductiecursus nucleaire geneeskunde

    Kennismaking met / opfrisser van de basispricipes van de nucleaire geneeskundige diagnostiek en hun toepassing.

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    Parkinson’s Disease and DaTscan

    The ability to provide patients with an early, accurate diagnosis for neurodegenerative movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease, has been an on-going challenge that can take up to six years because of the dependence on symptom presentation. Unfortunately symptom presentation varies with...

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    Radioactivity is a fundamental tool of nuclear medicine. Radioactive processes result in the emission of radiation. In nuclear medicine, this radiation is utilized for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes. This course is all about radioactivity. It starts with an historical overview of how...

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    Radionuclide Examinations of the Thyroid Gland

    This course is about the relation between the thyroid gland and diagnostic nuclear medicine. The course starts with an extensive overview of thyroid development, anatomy, physiology and pathology. Then several nuclear medicine examinations of the thyroid gland will be explored: thyroid...

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