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    Basic ECG Interpretation: An Introduction for Radiologic Technologists

    This course is an introduction to principles of electrocardiographic (ECG or EKG) interpretation. It includes basic physiological principles that underlie the production of an ECG tracing and the single lead interpretation of cardiac arrhythmias. It will not address the use of more sophisticated...

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    Ergonomics for Radiologic Technologists, Part 1: Posture

    This module identifies the muscles used in moving and lifting, and describes the importance of maintaining joint and muscles flexibility for the performance of routine moving and lifting by health care workers. Mechanics of safe moving and practical strategies for the effective use of the worker...

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    Ergonomics for Radiologic Technologists, Part 2: Moving and Lifting

    This module describes and illustrates muscles that should be used to move and lift heavy objects, details the basic mechanics of moving an object, and describes the proper way to move or lift heavy objects to help avoid injury and to maintain flexibility of joints and muscles.

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    Invasive Catheters, Tubes, and Lines: Understanding Common Uses in the Thorax

    Today, the increased complexity of patient condition now requires health care workers to have knowledge of and perform more comprehensive patient care. This module describes the purpose of typical chest-related tubes and lines used in the management of critically ill patients. Also presented are...

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