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    Advanced System Training - Live 3D EPIQ


    Advanced System Training (AST) courses are designed to educate customers on the leading edge technologies specific to each system and application. Following your onsite installation training, the intensive AST serves to expand and deepen your knowledge.

    This class is an introduction to...

    • Instructor-led

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    AutoSTRAIN eLearning

    AutoSTRAIN eLearning provides simple and fast LV GLS through Auto View Recognition and labeling, Auto Contour Placement and fast speckle tracking. This self-paced course will review the features and workflow of the AutoSTRAIN tool.

    • eLearning

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    Clinical University - 3D Imaging Essentials Congenital Edition


    This two-day course is designed to provide a solid foundation in Live 3D echocardiography for physicians and cardiac sonographers who are new 3D users.

    This course provides a spectrum of situations both physicians and sonographers can use and reference. By increasing familiarity with...

    • Instructor-led

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    Critical Care Lung Ultrasound


    This course reviews the use of ultrasound to identify lung and pleural space abnormalities including pleural effusion, pneumothorax, atelectasis, and lung consolidation. Learners will also review the clinical criteria and process for ultrasound guided chest tube insertion and the BLUE protocol (...

    • Peer-to-Peer Workshop

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    Focused Cardiac Ultrasound


    This course reviews the technical and cognitive skills required to perform a focused cardiac ultrasound exam. Attendees will review basic ultrasound technique, image optimization controls, and the optimal acoustic windows for a focused echocardiogram. Topics will include normal cardiac...

    • Instructor-led

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    Hemodynamics for the cardiac Sonographer


    This educational activity will review the importance of understanding the use of Doppler echocardiography to measure pressures within the heart noninvasively. This class will review different hemodynamic formulas for calculating pressures. Explain how to use the calculated pressures to help make...

    • Instructor-led Webinar

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    Sonographer role in the assessment of Cardiac masses


    This educational activity will review the importance of understanding the different types of cardiac masses seen by echocardiography. This class will review key echo features of the different types of cardiac masses. The participant will also have an understanding of the normal anatomical...

    • Instructor-led Webinar

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    Sonographers role in the evaluation of Diastolic Dysfunction


    This educational activity will explain the important use of echocardiography in the assessment of diastolic dysfunction. Show the key echo techniques and tools used to evaluate diastolic dysfunction and left atrial pressure. Review current guidelines for the evaluation and quantification of...

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    Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Vascular Access


    This course will review the anatomy and sonographic appearance of the upper extremity peripheral veins often used for vascular access. Attendees will review the steps in performing ultrasound guided vascular access for intravenous (IV) cannulation. Using vascular access phantoms, attendees will...

    • Instructor-led