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Advanced Customer Training (ACT) courses are designed to educate customers on the leading-edge technologies specific to each system and application.  Following your onsite installation training, the intensive ACT serves to expand and deepen your knowledge.

This one-day course was developed specifically to meet the needs of sonographers who perform vascular ultrasound examinations using either the iU22 or iE33 ultrasound systems. A balanced approach of lectures and supervised hands-on workshops will allow attendees to practice on systems using models who have varying degrees of technical difficulty. This course may be helpful for those recently cross-trained into vascular. More experienced users may also benefit from the scanning advice offered by our Philips clinical education staff.

Prerequisite skills: This course is designed for practicing sonographers or physicians who already have a solid understanding of how to perform vascular examinations and but who want to learn how to use their systems to their fullest potential.  Prior duplex imaging experience is recommended.



Course objectives: 

Upon completion of this program, attendees should be able to:

  • Discuss B-Mode optimization for vascular examinations on either the iU22 or iE33 ultrasound systems
  • Optimize imaging controls during the hands-on sessions on models
  • Discuss common factors that affect flow states
  • Discuss the various Doppler modes and the controls that can be used to optimize them
  • Explore the Doppler modes and controls during hands on sessions on either the iU22 or iE33 systems
  • Discuss the measurements, ratios and indexes commonly used in vascular examinations
  • Discuss Volume Flow and explain its clinical uses
  • Explore how to determine a Flow Volume on a model
  • Discuss how SmartExam protocols may be used to reduce keystrokes and standardize the examination process
  • Discuss IMT
  • Explore how to acquire an image and perform an IMT measurement on it
  • Explain what Volume Plaque Quantification (VPQ) is
  • Describe how to acquire a volume on a model and evaluate it for quantification (this feature is currently only available on the Vision 2012 iU22)
  • Discuss how patient images are reviewed


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  • Instructor-led


  • English


1 Day

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Philips Instructor

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The content is for information and education only. The content is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please see the full terms of use for this content and this website.

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