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During this course we will review the recommended process for quantification the chambers of the heart. Some consider the assessment of cardiac chamber size and function as the foundation of echocardiography. Advancements in imaging such as 3D, Speckle tracking to mention a few, have changed the ability to quantify the heart. Additionally, the development of large databases provides an opportunity to update the published reference values.

You will be presented with examples of both correct and incorrect measurements, descriptions of what makes a good measurement and why another is poor.

While we will cover many topics this program cannot cover every possible clinical situation, however this review can be an excellent foundation to build upon.

These are recommendations and clinical judgment is still needed to assess the pathology you may be presented with and determine the correct course of action to assess that pathology.

This course is part of the Cardiovascular eLearning Curriculum.

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Course objectives: 

The Ultrasound Physics Review section will:

  • Describe ultrasound physics concepts
  • Define What is Sound
  • Examine Ultrasound Beam Shape
  • Discuss Resolution
  • Classify Image Display Modes
  • Explain Imaging Transducers

The Review of 2 Dimensional Echo section will:

  • State Standard views
  • Identify Transducer Locations
  • Discuss Image Optimization

The Cardiac Anatomy Standardized Views and Nomenclature section will:

  • Examine Parasternal Long Axis View
  • Review Parasternal Short Axis Aortic Level
  • Examine Parasternal Short Axis LV-Mid Level
  • Identify Apical 4 Chamber View
  • Define Apical 2 Chamber View
  • Examine Subcostal View

The Left Ventricle Quantification section will:

  • Discuss General guidelines
  • Define Linear Measurements
  • Review M-Mode LV Measurement
  • Explain 2D LV Measurement
  • Describe Volumetric 2D LV Measurement
  • Restate LV Mass
  • Summarize LV Systolic Function

The 3 Dimensional Echo section will:

  • Summarize LV Volume and Mass
  • Explain Foreshortening
  • Review Plane Orientation 

The Regional LV Function section will:

  • Recognize the Bullseye Model
  • Summarize Coronary Artery Distribution
  • Distinguish Abnormalities
  • Discuss Segmental View
  • Explain LV Remodeling

The Right Ventricle section will:

  • Review RV structure
  • Discuss RV Quantification
  • Explain RV 3D Measurements

The Atria section will:

  • Examine LA Quantification
  • Discuss RA Quantification

The Aortic Annulus and Aortic Root section will:

  • Review Structure
  • Explain Image Positioning
  • Summarize Quantification
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  • eLearning


  • English


2 Hours

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Philips Instructor

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The content is for information and education only. The content is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please see the full terms of use for this content and this website.

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