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Course description: 

Overview training of the Allura FD system including patient scheduling, workflow, radiation safety and system buttonology will be given. Workflow steps for proper use of the EP Navigator workstation, and 3D ATG will be domonstrated. Individual EP Navigator workstations are provided for this course as well as hands on training on a fully functional FD system.  This course is designed to provide the trainee 80% of the base system functionality training as utilized by EP Staff. The remainder of the core system will be covered during the On-Site training at your facility with live cases.



Course objectives: 

At the course end, the attendee will demonstrate basic knowledge of the Allura FD system to include proper scheduling of patients, system and patient positioning, image acquistion and transfer to the EP Navigator workstation.  Workflow knowledge on obtaining a 3D Rotational angiogram/upload of Cardiac CT data sets segmentation, registration, live view and point tagging on the EP Navigator will be demonstrated additionally.

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  • Instructor-led


  • English


2.5 Days

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