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This course provides an introduction to the Philips Intellivue MX monitor family. It focuses primarily on equipment operation, configuration, maintenance and minor repair. Monitor principles, board level theory and system diagnostics are learned to facilitate repair. The students receive both fundamental technical training, fundamental user training and troubleshooting required to understand some clinical uses of these monitors. They learn the basics of system operation and how to assess system performance to better understand the needs of the MX Monitors. The course will also cover the use of the support tool to interface with the monitors, and includes a disassembly information. Upon completion of this course the student is provided with a license key and instructions on how to obtain the support tool. Please ensure enrollment in the correct course, this is for the MX series monitors, which are different from the older MP series monitors, inquire prior to enrollment if you are unsure as to which is correct.

Course Material #  MXU0011_A13

Tuition: $3,250 USD/$3,737 CAD  Prices are for USA & Canada only, subject to change without notice.

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Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to describe the new features and functionality of the MX Series as well as install, configure, service and maintain the new IntelliVue MX Series Patient Monitor.

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  • Instructor-led


  • English


3 Days

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The content is for information and education only. The content is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please see the full terms of use for this content and this website.

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