iSite PACS 3.6 Education

Innovative image and
information management system

Philips iSite PACS 3.6 education provides quick tips to compliment powerful enhanced clinical workflow training.

The free resources on this page will help you get started using your iSite PACS 3.6 software. Visit this page often to view additional basic and advanced software trainings as they become available. This material is not intended to substitute or replace the Operating Manual or Instructions for Use.

iSite PACS 3.6 Education Resources - Quick Tips

Compare Current and Prior MPR in Volume Vision

Dr. Linda shows Dr. Ben how to compare a reconstruct on the current study with a reconstruct from a prior study.

Conference Presentation States in iSite PACS

Do you have a case you want to share in a unique way with another clinician, student, or radiologists?

Create a Plugin in iSite PACS

Dr. Ben show us to create plugins directly in the application, which is convenient if you have to access different websites.

Hanging Protocol Sequences

Dr. Linda shows us how to create a System Hanging Protocol Sequence.

Keyboard Shortcuts in iSite PACS

Dr. Ben shows us how to improve your workflow by using keyboard shortcuts.

Merge Protocols in Volume Vision

Dr. Linda shows us how to create merge views in Volume Vision.

Saving Images in iSite PACS

Join our Radiologist, Dr. Linda, as she saves some images from iSite PACS for a presentation for an upcoming conference.

User Preferences in iSite PACS

Dr. Linda shows us a few simple preferences to help us in our day-to-day work.

iSite PACS 3.6 Enterprise Education Resources - Overview

Advanced Visualization Tools

Add real time vizualization tools to iSite PACS: multi plane reformation (MPR), maximum intensity projection (MIP), create 3D objects...


Mark annotations on the image with these set of tools: Line, Arrow, triangle, Circle, text, freehand or Spine labeling.

Cine Loop

To scroll through images in a multi image series use Play Cine Loop.

Exam Anonymization Using Folders

When using iSite PACS for teaching or demonstrations, we can use folders to anonymize all data inside these folders at once.

Export Images

The export tool allows you to export exams (if preferred anonymously) as DICOM to another device such as a DICOM printer, 3D imaging tool or 3rd party archive.

Find Patients

The Patient Directory query options allows you to search a patient for example by name, MRN, exam date or location.

Flip Rotate Sort and Split Images

Use the context menu Flip/Rotate/Sort/Split for image orientation and sorting options.

Folders and The Shortcut Bar

Use the folder feature to prepare your images for later use directly from the canvas page or in the iSite startup window.

Image and Series Linking

You can synchronize images or a series for panning and scrolling from the image context menu: New Link or Link all Axials.

Image Processing Tools

Image processing tools can be retrieved from the context menu.

Introduction and Logging in

Introduction to iSite Enterprise, a web based solution that is used by referring physicians, nurses, surgeons and technologists.

Key Images

Key images are used as reference images. The ability to mark images as notable images in a large study is called marking Key Images.

Measurement Tools

Measurement tools are available from the context menu: Ruler, Angle, Region of Interest, Freehand ROI, Point Value, Measurement Palette, Calibrate Image.

Preparing Images

When you have a conference, surgery or teaching session you need to prepare images. iSite has a large set of tools you can use to prepare images for further review.

Save Image Changes

After using iSite toolset to prepare images you need to save these changes in a presentation state with a descriptive name.

Save Images and Paper Print

When you need to copy an image to be used in for example a presentation, you can use the Save option.

Scout Lines and Localizer

Scout Lines can be placed as a reference line and Localizer Mode as a crosshair reference on an image to navigate to the same location.

User Manual Preferences and Logout

In this movie, the buttons under the Philips Logo are explained: Preference Menu, User Manual and logout.

View Images

You can view reports, exam notes and images directly from the patient Directory.

Window Width and Level

For optimal viewing you may select the window width/level for optional viewing or to highlight a specific tissue for better visibility.

iSite PACS 3.6 Enterprise Education Resources - User Preferences


Change mouse functions using Mouse Scheme Options under General Preferences in the User Preferences section.

General Preferences Options

Learn to customize your user environment such as create notifications and improve workflow.

General Preferences Rack

Create more room on your display, change display orientation, or modify the size of the images displayed by adjusting the Rack settings.

Image Processing

Overview of the Image Processing settings under User Preferences using to change the image processing tools.


Introduction to the User Preferences that allow the user to configure the iSite enterprise system to specific needs, creating a customized viewing experience.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Create or edit keyboard shortcuts under General Preferences.

Window Width and Center

Create a custom window that uses specific window width and center settings.