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Feedback in the workplace is essential for making progress. Asking your team to give feedback to each other is a great way to make sure people get the  recognition they deserve and understand how they can improve. Requesting (and giving feedback) to your manager helps to ensure that you are on track, working in tandem and meeting expectations. Using tools and practices, you can make it quick and easy for the people around you to give each other feedback as part of the culture and as part of the norm. Team members know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and can provide support and advice in a way that
management often cannot. Positive feedback such as a simple thanks or recognizing progress can be incredibly motivating, especially from your peers. This type of communication helps to feel valued, which helps push individuals to work harder.
In this two day course, we integrate adult learning principles into our training by incorporating individual exercises, role-play, teamwork, skill practice, feedback, and evaluations. This workshop will can be customized to include relevant language, role-plays and exercises that are realistic for your organization. We can also incorporate your competencies and the use of tools from your performance management process.



Course objectives: 

Upon completion of this course, the participant will increase their ability to:
•Understand the differences between feedback and coaching
•Identify the do’s and don’ts of feedback
•Explore the guidelines for effective feedback
•Practice and develop feedback skills through the DEAR Method
•Learn how to praise others
•Set goals for action planning and accountability of transfer of learning
•Provide progress reports and ongoing support through the use of effective feedback and one-on-one meetings as described in the workshop.
•Create a climate of continual performance improvement by fostering a motivating environment that celebrates success.

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  • Instructor-led


  • English


2 Days

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Philips Instructor

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